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Inside stories

inside stories

Our inside stories, gathered from right across the business, show how we’re building a better future for our colleagues, for our clients, and for communities.

Featured story: The Mojave Desert

One example in the natural world where the threat from human activity is increasingly being felt is the Mojave Desert, USA. To help protect the desert’s flora and fauna, Capgemini brought together experts from different disciplines.

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Future-shaping projects

The innovation people

Jan 5, 2024

Future-shaping projects

Weighing up the risks

Jan 4, 2024

Future-shaping projects

Catching the AI bug

Nov 27, 2023

Future-shaping projects

Putting AI into the Ryder Cup

Nov 20, 2023

Life at Capgemini

Raising the bar

Nov 6, 2023

Life at Capgemini

Sporting values

Oct 30, 2023

Digital Inclusion

The roots of charity

Oct 19, 2023

Life at Capgemini

A leading light in rugby

Oct 13, 2023

Life at Capgemini

Yes, coach!

Oct 6, 2023