Make cybersecurity your catalyst for transformation.

There are two ways to see cybersecurity: as a source of vulnerability, risk, and expense – or as a driver of transformation. The difference is the confidence you have in the resilience of your approach.

We deliver the most elusive element in cybersecurity today: confidence. We bring together a business-focused approach, sector-specific expertise, advanced technology, and thousands of skilled professionals to deliver end-to-end portfolio services.
Accelerate your business transformation – with cybersecurity you can trust.

Protecting your enterprise doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Accelerate transformation with Capgemini as your trusted partner.

Industry focus


Drive growth with automated, accurate risk assessments and cyber insights.


    Security in the auto industry raises several distinct challenges around the connected vehicle, as well as in manufacturing plants and across enterprise IT systems. These challenges need to be covered.

        5G security risk assessment services

        Addressing the complexity of 5G deployment with end-to-end risk assessment

        Capgemini’s SAP Cybersecurity solution

        SAP has become an essential component of intelligent enterprises, SAP applications allowing businesses to easily manage various departments

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          Meet our experts

          Geert van der Linden

          EVP and Head of Global Cybersecurity Services & CISO, Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS GBL), Capgemini

          Jérôme Desbonnet

          Cybersecurity CTIO Capgemini & Cyber Advisor
          I create security architecture designs. I plan and execute major security programs to ensure that our clients are well protected.